Terms of Service

About Our Service

FREE LOCAL TOUR GUIDE, hereafter referred to as FLTG, is a purely volunteer group formed to encourage understanding of Canadian culture and people and to promote cross-cultural friendship.


  • Members of FLTG and FLTG guides are volunteers who provide guide services out of their own goodwill. FLTG makes no claims or guarantees as to the qualifications or experience of its guides.
  • Any and all persons who request and/or utilize the services of FLTG will be referred to as “guest(s)” hereafter.
  • FLTG guides will do their best to suggest custom itineraries based upon the needs of each group of guests. FLTG reserves the right to refuse requests or itineraries that FLTG deems unreasonable for any reason. FLTG guides are unable to reserve events, tickets or otherwise act in as intermediary booking agents.


While FLTG guide services are free of charge, guests are responsible for the following expenses:

  • TRAVEL EXPENSES INCURRED BY THE GUIDE while conducting a tour for the guests. These include any and all public transportation fees incurred after meeting the guest at the appointed meeting place. Guests are not responsible for costs incurred by the guide while traveling to or from the meeting place both before and after the tour period.
  • ADMISSION FEES to museums, temples, events etc. incurred by the guide while providing guide services.
  • MEALS eaten by the guide while providing his or her services to the guest(s).

Inappropriate Conduct

FLTG and its guides reserve the right to terminate guide services at any point during the tour if the guest(s) exhibit any of the following behavior:

  • INAPPROPRIATE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR or advances. This includes sexual behavior initiated by the guest(s) toward the guide, occurring among the guest(s) and or that initiated by the guest(s) toward persons outside of the tour group.
  • REFUSING to cover expenses incurred by the guide as outlined in the above section on expenses.
  • ANY CONDUCT, BEHAVIOR, OR ACTION that the guide feels is inappropriate or offensive or reflects poorly upon his or her self or FLTG.

Statement of Limited Liability

FLTG and its guides are not responsible for any illnesses, injuries, thefts, losses, or any resulting damages incurred by the guest(s) while using FLTG services. The guest(s) accept(s) full responsibility for any damages, injuries, or losses that he/she/they may incur while using FLTG services.

Right to Refuse Service, Conflicts of Interest

FLTG can refuse to offer its services and/or terminate its services to the guest(s) at any point for the following reasons:

  • The guest(s) provide(s) false information through the application form when requesting a guide and/or e-mail exchanges with FLTG or the guide(s).
  • The guest(s) attempt(s) to profit or gain monetarily from FLTG services or operate(s) a business which attempts to profit or gain from FLTG services.
  • The guest(s) paid for or received a referral to FLTG services by a for-profit entity such as a travel agency.
  • The guest(s) request(s) to engage in “sexual tourism” in any form or fashion. This includes but is not limited to requests to visit brothels, sexual goods shops, adult book stores and other similar venues which FLTG deems inappropriate for its guide services.
  • The guide(s) may cancel appointments with due notice if unavoidable reasons or extreme circumstances (e.g., extreme weather conditions, natural disaster, etc.) occur.

Sudden Cancellation by Guest(s)

FLTG reserves the right to refuse service to guest(s) who have previously cancelled guide appointments without due notice. This excludes cases in which cancellation was for unavoidable reasons or extreme circumstances.

Process for Being Appointed a Guide

Guest(s) agree to adhere to the following process when requesting a guide from FLTG.

  1. Guest applies for a guide at the relevant form on the website (http://vancouver.freelocaltourguide.com)
  2. Guest receives an acceptance e-mail from FLTG.
  3. A Guide is appointed to the guest and contacts the guest via e-mail directly.
  4. If the guest does not receive an e-mail from a guide up to within two (2) days prior to his or her requested tour date, it means that no guide could be found. No further correspondence from FLTG to the guest will be issued.