Frequently Asked Questions

Web Site

General questions about our web site.

Why do I need to register?
You must register and accept our Terms of Service to use our service.
What if I need to change my dates?
Please notify us, and your guide if one has been assigned, as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot guarantee that a guide will be available with the new date.

Guide Service

General questions about our guide service.

Can I use my own vehicle, or use a guide’s vehicle?
To ensure the safety of our guests and guides, we strongly encourage using public transportations only. Our guide can help you plan your public transit accessible itinerary.
What languages do your guides speak?
Our guides typically speak fluent English, and many speak a second language such as French and Cantonese. Please let us know in the Special Requests section in the registration form during booking if you need a guide that speak a specific language.
I’m a travel agent. Can I request a guide on behalf of my client?
We don’t accept requests from travel agencies or for-profit organizations. Please advise your client to send their guide request directly to us.


General questions about our guide service.

Can I bring a friend?
You can bring a friend along for the tour, as long as your guests accept it. However, please note that your guests will not be responsible for the costs incurred by your friend, such as admissions, meals, and transportation.
Can I bring the guests to private properties?
No, you should only bring your guests to public spaces.
How much do I get paid?
You do not get paid being a guide. You are also not allowed to ask for tips.


General questions from our guests.

How much do I pay?
Our guides are volunteers who do not accept payments. However, you are responsible for costs incurred during the tour, which includes:
  • TRAVEL EXPENSES INCURRED BY THE GUIDE while conducting a tour for the guests. These include any and all public transportation fees incurred after meeting the guest at the appointed meeting place. Guests are not responsible for costs incurred by the guide while traveling to or from the meeting place both before and after the tour period.
  • ADMISSION FEES to museums, temples, events etc. incurred by the guide while providing guide services.
  • MEALS eaten by the guide while providing his or her services to the guest(s).
Can I bring my guide a small, non-monetary gift?
You can bring your guide a small, non-monetary gift (e.g., candy from where you are from, keychains, etc.). However it is completely optional.
How long can a tour be?
You can request a guide for a couple hours, or multiple days; we will try our best to accommodate your request.